Does It Add Value?

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My husband is an industrial engineer. He spends his days analyzing plant floor layouts for efficiency. A huge part of his job is to assess small parts of every process as they are value-added.

Slowly, this approach crept into our house, but in a soft sort of way. We find ourselves asking if more abstract things hold value-- those snippy words about to fall out of your mouth, the comment you're about to make-- do your interactions with your loved ones add value? If not, should you choose not to engage?

This banner is about being particular and selective and intentional when it comes to interations with loved ones. It's about assessing the objects around you, and deciding if the space they take up is equivalent to the value they add. It's about keeping your priorities in mind.

This print is a linocut printed on canvas by hand. The banner is pressed and hemmed by hang and hung using an oak dowel.