Lovely to meet you!


Thanks for stopping by. After many years of encouragement from family and friends, I finally worked up the courage to try this. Since I was very, very young I've been making objects in a variety of materials. My Christmas gift when I was 8 was a pajama pattern and trip to the fabric store. I never looked back. In middle school I sold purses made out of placemats. I went to Virginia Commonwealth University and earned a BFA in Craft and Material Studies. I worked as a jeweler for a while after graduation. I taught knitting and worked at a yarn store. From there I moved into some more corporate design work, but I continued making into the wee hours of the night after I'd get home from work. Creating has always been an incredibly personal experience and it became difficult to imagine monetizing anything I created. I was afraid I would fall out love with the process. I was afraid selling what I made would mean losing a bit of myself.

I became a mother in March of 2017. Something about the journey into motherhood taught me about giving and love and infinity. Suddenly I needed to exercise my skills. I felt the need to go back to work after a few months at home with our son but it was very clear to both my husband and I that I needed to try my hand at making something out of nothing.

So here I am. Sharing. Showing up, every day. Committing to a life of creating. 

Shoot me a message if you want to know more. I'd love to chat.