Path to Data Science

Path to Data Science

I can explain this with words, but honestly, the picture is better. Click "See the board" and you'll stay on this page.

I've always tinkered with programming in the background of my work. I took a break from university about halfway through because I knew art school wasn't my path - but I've been hassled for a lot of my life about not finishing things and school wasn't about to go on that list.

So, I did the life stuff I wanted - married, house, tried out reproduction, tried out this art business - but in the end I need what I knew I needed all along: hard problem solving. As such, I've returned to school. I'm currently enrolled in a certificate program at the Flatiron School, studying Data Science. From there, I plan to become employed again and pursue a master's degree in the evenings in either Statistics or Computer Science, after a stint of prereq completion. This means my patterned pots will soon be math-y. Making art is how I think through problems, not how I want to make my living. Cheers, and thank you to everyone who has supported my art business. It's not dead, just irregular and slow.

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