History + Process

History + Process

This ceramics business started with a dream.

Sketching ceramics

I dreamt of some patterned pots for a growing houseplant collection.

A community studio had recently opened next door to my office, and I thought I'd give it a shot. I have a history with ceramics. My dad made pots in our basement when I was a kid. I went to art school and took quite a few ceramics courses from some incredible professors. I attended a class at Penland where [bonus!] I met my partner, Cory.

One thing led to the next, and one wall and one Craigslist deal at a time Cory and I put together a scrappy, crusty, and glorious workspace.

 Each of my pieces start either on the potter's wheel or in a plaster mold Cory made.

Slingin' mud

Occasionally I add handles or other parts.

Forming mug handles

Then the pieces is left to dry. When it reaches an appropriate level of dryness, which varies according to the weather, I paint it with a colored slip that I mix in house. Again, the pieces are left to dry.

cheerful carving

When they're ready, I utilize a technique called sgrafitto and carve the colored surface away to reveal the naked clay beneath.

The pieces are left to dry completely and undergo two rounds of firing. Then I offer them to you, because I've now collected all those planters I dreamt of at the very beginning <3

Jun 16, 2020

My Oldest Sister Taylor Robert She is Amazing to make her a website to follow her on Instagram also this website. I’m Thankful to have her as a great oldest Sister I’m going to see what you have on Stock on this website. I’m so Proud of you Happy Mother’s Day I sent you something in the mail you will get.

Love you

Ali Hale

Ali Hale

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