A shift to tableware.

A shift to tableware.

If you know me in real life, or follow me on social media, you might've noticed I've picked up a ceramics habit. To be completely honest, it's taken over.

One of the things about my life as an artist that I'm most insecure about is my seeming inability to stick with one medium. For most of my life I've seen it as a downfall-- like my noncommital nature makes me a somehow not great at what I do.

Recently, though, I've begun to appreciate my ability to work with so many materials. Working with steel is a hot, sweaty, uphill battle. I love it. But here's the thing: the practice is so, so difficult to fit into my life's rhythm. My work hours are limited to when my toddler is sleeping-- which honestly isn't a great time to be hammering away on metal. 

I wanted to get my hands on some clay initially because it moves the same way metal does. I could problem solve forging with clay in a faster, softer, and quieter way. The only problem (?) was that as soon as I started working with it I remembered how much I love clay. It was immediately easy, and just the relief I needed. I can throw while he sleeps and finish while we play. It's also lead me to make some new friends who make things, which I really needed to do.

All of that to say, if you follow me you're about to watch a headlong dive into ceramics. After all, my overarching project is creating a line of handmade home goods. Might as well tackle the tableware. First on the horizon are beverage holders: mugs, wine tumblers, tall tumblers and toddler tumblers which double as juice glasses. My first collection will launch in the beginning of September.

Thanks for following along.

With love.


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