Easy Throw Pillow Cover Tutorial

Easy Throw Pillow Cover Tutorial

I live in a very textile centric region of the US. There is a long history of textile manufacturing, and some still exists here.

I started making these pillow covers  ago to use up scraps, freshen up my living room, and make good use of small pieces of fancy fabrics. For years I've made them more complicated using zippers and whatnot, but after having my son I started sewing this really straightforward envelope design.

Easy to execute, this simple throw pillow pattern will let you makeover your couch in a snap. This pattern is for a 20" square pillow, but if you take some time to digest the principle of the thing it'll be easy to apply this method to any size.

Let's begin!

Material Requirements
5/8 yard or .6 M of mid-heavy weight fabric in a 56" width
coordinating thread


1. Press your fabric and trim up the edges. You will use the full width of the fabric you selected - no waste!

    throw pillow tutorial folding diagram

    2. Fold your fabric according to the diagram above. When your cover is folded, you should only see the wrong side of the fabric.

    3. Stitch the sides together. If you have a serger, use it. Make sure to use a stitch width to wide enough to completely capture the edges of the fabric. If you don’t have a serger, use a medium length (3 on my machine) to stitch a plain straight seam using a 5/8” inch seam allowance. Zigzag the raw edges. Upholstery fabrics can get messy when they fray.

    4. Flip right side out and stuff with pillow form. 

    Finished! Fluff the pillow and enjoy your freshened sofa.

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